Work with projects

Work with projects

Unlock a new level of work with annotation: now your Team is together anytime, anywhere! Ainotate will make your project a real teamwork, just distribute the roles, and tasks – and go! Now you take control: collaborate, organize, share.


  • With Ainotate your colleagues all over the world can easily access your images
  • Discuss diagnosis, share findings
  • Off-site experts can participate actively in the annotating and decision-making
  • Being able to run trained algorithmic models on new datasets gives you and your team more flexibility.


  • Ainotate can help to demonstrate multi-gigapixel images on workshops, lectured and conferences, without requirements for the hardware
  • Once developed, your AI-algorithm can be applied for other datasets by your collaborators and partners.


  • You decide if and which metadata will be accessible for you collaborators
  • The cloud storage system provides instant web access to your image archive